Suzanna Provenzano, LMT
Massage isn't just a treat, it's a treatment


Massage therapy is once again open for business!  Due to mandates by the Arkansas Department of Health, clients will be required to wear a mask in the lobby and during the face up portion of their massage. Please wear your mask to your appointment if you have one.

***Beginning 2021 there will be a $5 increase in prices to reflect the current market and help alleviate increased expenses due to COVID-19 prevention requirements and an increase in last minute cancellations due to virus exposure.*** 

Experience what massage can do for you--from relaxation to pain relief with a massage.  While most people think of relaxation when they think of massage, massage also has many medical benefits. Common issues that find relief from massage are headaches/migraines, chronic pain, muscle tension, and fibromyalgia.  For more information, please see the "Benefits of Massage" tab.

Office hours are by appointment only. This includes massage, sauna, in person gift certificate and scheduling.  In oder to keep costs low there is no receptionist. Please follow the links below to set up an appointment or to purchase a gift certificate.


To comply with Arkansas Department of Health COVID-19 guidelines to reduce lobby time and paper forms, I am switching to all online booking.  To schedule your massage appointment click here.  If you are booking for a spouse or child, please set up the account in his/her name with their medical information.  It will allow you to put your name in the billing information.  Please do not book an appointment for someone without their consent; this often results in no-shows and last minute cancellations.   

Gift Certificates:

Massages make great gifts. If you would like to purchase a massage for a friend, coworker, or family member, online gift certificates are available by clicking here.